Thursday, June 23, 2011



DC said...

That was an interesting note at the end. Is the title of the series significant for that last panel? xD

Hi. I'm honestly just another Filipino nobody who really enjoys the Filipiniana section.

I've been randomly posting on some of your comic posts. While I still have to re-read some so I might fully appreciate the storyline again (RSS feeds are wonderful, but they sometimes leave a reader like myself with plenty of connect-the-dots moments), I can say that I fully enjoyed your work.

Thanks for the memorable read, and I hope to see a book from this someday. :)

Diliman Blogged said...

Hey! Thanks for the very kind words!

But yeah, the title DILIMAN, which was chosen for its relationship to the idea of something getting darker, as well as the location in the Philippines, gets a final nod in the sense of where the new order supposedly will get its members.

A lot of my friends used to tease me about how the Salamangkeros in the book were all from Lasalle (my alma mater in real life) and not from U.P. Diliman where many actually do persue such esoteric learnings. In a way, this ending does explain that as well.

:-) But again, thank you SO much for enjoying the comic. I am hoping to release this as a CD-R (each issue a cbr file) in the October Komikon. But frankly, I dunno if people will be appreciative of a webcomic sold in cd format compared to the cool ashcan photocopied indies that are usually released there.

Thanks for reading!